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Abortion Is Murder Essay - 1300 Words

The topic of abortion is an extremely controversial issue in todays society, there are many separate views on the morality of it. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy (â€Å"Abortion†). In other words, it is the murder of an unborn child. Throughout the past there has been several court cases related to abortion, in attempt to resolve the debate. For example, Roe v. Wade declared that unborn children are neither ‘persons’ nor are they entitled to the same constitutional protection as born children (â€Å"Roe V. Wade†). However, Roe v. Wade did not stop both sides for continuing the fight for their beliefs. One of the things a democratic nation is based on is the sacredness of life. So,†¦show more content†¦Life begins at conception, when the egg is fertilized by the sperm and they join together, not birth. Birth is nothing more than a stage in human development. Those who argue that a fetus is not a person becau se they lack certain properties of personhood are wrong. The building blocks of life begin at conception. After only 18 days a fetus’ heart is formed and after 21 days the life in the womb it has a heartbeat (Donovan). When a heartbeat stops, the patient is announced legally dead. Even at 21 days if an abortion is performed, the heartbeat of the fetus is taken which kills the life. Also by 8 weeks, sex organs are starting to form and by the end of the third month, the hands and feet are already moving, meaning that the baby is conscious of its body(â€Å"Fetal Development Month By Month†). The fetus can then feel pain, such that abortion would cause it. A fetus has just as much physical qualities as a human being would, they just have to develop. Furthermore, one can say that a fetus is not living because its only made up of a couple of cells in the beginning and those ordinarily don’t count as a person, they are not even considered â€Å"living and human†(Donovan). The cells that make up the fetus are indeed living because being a person involves awareness, personality, a sense of self and consciousness which are all established during fertilization, where there is only one cellShow MoreRelatedAbortion Is Murder1062 Words   |  4 Pages ABORTION IS MURDER â€Å"There are nearly 1.2 million abortions performed in the United States each year† (Operation Rescue, 2014). That was 1.2 million innocent lives that were ended before they even had a chance to begin. Abortion has been legal for decades now, and it is time to put a stop to all the murdering of unborn children. This senseless killing of an unborn child needs to be recognized for what it truly is, and that is legalized murder. Abortions should be made illegal in the United StatesRead MoreAbortion: Is It Murder?1524 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion is an extremely controversial issue and one that many people can have very strong feelings for on both sides of the debate. Those who support abortion rights argue that it is a woman’s choice what to do with her body. Although, the unborn baby inside a woman is still a person living, and terminating that pregnancy is the same thing as murder. No one should have the choice to commit murder. Abortion is honestly wrong because t he laws prohibiting abortion help to keep people from playing GodRead MoreIs Abortion A Murder?3072 Words   |  13 Pages Abortion is Murder Numerous times throughout the past, a woman has wept herself to sleep or woke up in the middle of the night with horrible panic attacks that she cannot seem to overcome. She lives with such guilt and wonders what life would be like today if only she had made a different choice. Life is full of choices, and unfortunately people sometimes make choices that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The saddest part is that many times we allow other people to influence the choicesRead More Abortion is Not Murder Essay1202 Words   |  5 PagesAbortion is Not Murder Is abortion murder?   Murder is defined as illegal killing with malice aforethought. Abortion fails this definition for two reasons. First, abortion is not illegal, and second, there is no evidence to suggest that expecting mothers feel malice towards their own flesh and blood. Not all killing is murder, of course. Murder is actually a small subset of all killing, which includes accidental homicide, killing in self-defense, suicide, euthanasia, etc. When pro-lifeRead MoreAbortion is a Murder Essay721 Words   |  3 Pageson-going subject that has been greatly debated in our society is abortion. Many people argue that because the baby in the mother’s womb is not alive, aborting him or her is not considered a murder. However, others say that as the baby’s heart and brain are the first things to develop, the baby is technically alive and killing it would be a murder. As soon as the baby has a heartbeat, it has life. Abortion has many characteristics of a murder, including the killing of one human being by another, it’s unethicalRead MoreAbortion: Murder or Necessity766 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion: Murder or Necessity Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before it is viable. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. Abortion, when induced in accordance with the local law, is among the safest procedures in medicine. However, unsafe abortions (those performed by persons without proper training or outside of a medical environment)Read MoreAbortion Is Not The Murder Of An Infant1507 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent perspective on abortion. The first written works of Christianity states â€Å"You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.† In the early Christianity, abortion was prohibited. The early church leader who had agreed on abortion stated: â€Å"that if an abortion was performed to hide the consequences of fornication and adultery, then it was a sin that required penance.† This lit the sp arks between Christians on whether abortion was considered a murder or not. â€Å"St.AugustineRead MoreShould Abortion Be Murder?868 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion is Murder Have you ever lost a loved one or someone that meant a lot to you? If so, how did that make you feel? I’m sure you felt heartbroken or lost and you didn’t know what you were going to do. Imagine how you would feel if you were trying to bring a loved one into this world but you couldn’t. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to, it’s was because you were physically not able to. There are many women who want to have kids and make their family grow but because of their health issues theyRead MoreAbortion Is An Act Of Murder? Essay1271 Words   |  6 Pagesmother’s womb when the mothers decide to have an abortion. There is much controversy regarding abortion as a whole. Abortion is a procedure that terminates any pregnancy ( When discussing abortion, some would say the beginning of life started once an infant took his or her first breath during delivery and others would say life began the second they were formed in its motherà ¢â‚¬â„¢s womb. Based on either viewpoint, is abortion considered an act of murder? A pro-abortionist considers life to beginRead More Abortion is Murder Essay506 Words   |  3 Pagesside of this argument says that abortion should be kept legal for cases in which the baby’s birth endangers the life of the mother. This is an argument that is basically trying to create sympathy among uneducated voters to try to woo them to the pro-choice side of the argument and to elect pro-choice politicians. This is a dirty trick because they are fighting a battle that has already been won, because even in pre-legalized times in states that prohibited abortion such as Texas there were exceptions

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New Media Influence in Indegenous Communities - 945 Words

Indigenous people groups over the world have been influenced by the presentation of advances of remote societies for several years. Some have not incredibly changed their lifestyles, while others have totally changed identities toward one self, whole social orders and perspectives. Current advances, particularly telecommunication and machine innovations, permit indigenous assemblies to partake in the bigger social orders and economies around them. These innovations likewise, empower them to save and advertise their lifestyle for their relatives and for our aggregate learning of mankinds history. (Rekhari 2009) Various social researchers have addressed the potential held by information frameworks to structuring and supporting group. At†¦show more content†¦Aboriginal cultural custodians, knowledge owners, community leaders and the Indigenous academia has realized the need to act to preserve the evidences of the Australian Aboriginal heritage and also their culture itself to give young and future generations of Australian Aborigines a chance to preserve their Aboriginal identity. (Gard and Salvatore 2005) Such a system could be used by government agencies or remote communities themselves to deliver messages about visitors to the community, emergencies; cultural business, sporting events. Digital television, Indigenous remote communities, messaging, viability, sustainability background There are hundreds of remote communities mostly Indigenous and ranging in size from a couple of hundred people to very small, sometimes temporary, communities of a few families. (McGinley 2006) In conclusion there are not much issues in confronting the configuration of aboriginal virtual legacy situation, either been relevant and social correctness and authenticity. We still all have to make a serious connection on earth with the help of the new technologies available. Bibliography Gard, Stephan, and Bucolo Salvatore. Capturing Australian Indigenous Perception Of Virtual Landscape. Virtual Realily at Work in the 21st Century: Impact on Society., October 2005. Ginsburg, F, L Abu-Lughod,

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The Hidden Gem of Essay Topics about Morality

The Hidden Gem of Essay Topics about Morality Hope this list provides you an excellent essay writing help. Our site is just one of the most appropriate for essay help. You can trust the very best essay help online. Completely free essays available on the internet are. Inspiration to make your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn't difficult to discover. Be mindful of the size it must be and get started writing the narrative essay outline. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points you can counter to your own points. However tight your deadline is, you will receive the very best essay! There are wonderful books and videos in your community library that you may also share with your son or daughter. Pay close attention to all things electronic, and you will be certain to find something debatable of what you see. When you're picking your topic, bear in mind that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a great deal about it. To begin with, take some time to think. An argumentative paper is part of the persuasion. As soon as you're prepared to produce a thesis, have a look at these Argumentative Thesis Stateme nt Examples. Well, in some instances which may actually be true, if you're fortunate enough to be attracted to the topic of the paper and have sufficient inspiration to just skip to writing it. These forms of papers require you to have a point of view on a particular issue or a topic. The above-mentioned topic selection may give you a very clear comprehension of what things to write about. Regardless of this, you will obviously be more confident and be in a position to consider ideas more quickly if you're knowledgeable about the common topics. Consider mixing up a few keys words to produce your own phrase. For more data on the most typical topics, please visit my most frequent topics page. What You Should Do to Find Out About Essay Topics about Morality Before You're Left Behind Injun Joe is the sole resident of St. Petersburg who's completely excluded from the community. If you can select the matter by yourself, it's possible to develop the issue of interest! Tell your kids how you are feeling about the matter and why. They'll consult you on any problem. It is possible to also restate the ideas that you've discussed in the body paragraphs in order to make your point valid. Although it's extremely important to teach by example, it is insufficient. The v ery first phase for case is the antonym of one another. Use transition words in order to connect the paragraphs and produce the point flow. Consequently, logic is likewise an aid to the betterment of the society. Advocating a totally free world that provides immense freedoms to all persons is the proper thing to do. The idea she provides says, as human beings, we cannot distinguish what's good and what's evil. The thought that even in the current individuals keep on disagreeing over morality implies that there's no such thing as a universal moral price. What You Need to Know About Essay Topics about Morality At the same time that you should definitely retain a strong, firm argument, there's a line between This is precisely what I believe and I'm the person who defines all morality. What is deemed unacceptable in a specific society might be acceptable in another. Folks who support subjectivity of values are most likely to delight in life. Throughout thousands of years phil osophers have been attempting to fix the problem about defining the idea of morality. Philosophers should look at moral values from an important standpoint, in order to understand them. This essay will appear at the problem of the association between morality and the law. It will aim to discuss the concept of morality and describe the main issues related to this philosophical question that may be never answered. Looking at the creation of phenomena is much better than what data becomes. Make a list of many conditions you locate the most damaging. You will shortly locate the official data about us. You may verify this information on the web.

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Impact of Innovative Accounting on Financial Management Free-Sample

Question: Discuss the Impact of Innovative Accounting on Financial Management and Business Organization. Answer: Introduction The topic is about the new trends in accounting and management of finances in an organization. Becoming a professional financial manager or an accountant in the future is the main career for a student of Master of Professional accounting. The report will include finding the trends in technologies to improve the financial plan in an organization. The innovative accounting is introduced in this report and the impact of innovative accounting in financial management in an organization is analyzed. The report will include the background, aim, literature review, methodology and discussions. And lastly the conclusion will be explored with the help of hypothesis (PWC, 2010). Problem statement Nowadays, any organization wants to grow and to earn maximum profits in the market. So, to earn the profits and growth an organization should incorporate different techniques and technologies into the financial management of accounts work. The new technology will help in smooth working in terms of organizing data in an organization. Easy and secured access to the data help in proper and smooth working. In spite of finding data manually will take time and engage many persons. So, to avoid this a database is maintained to access the information regarding the sales, the demand and supply in the cloud. Therefore, due to the proper management of all this financial data will help in managing data related to shareholders, regulatory agencies, creditors, tax authorities, demand and supply etc. Therefore, proper management of data helps in faster decision making which will lead to the growth of the organization, Organizations growth leads to the profit of the organization. This database will help in making decision faster in terms of finances, investment decisions and cash decisions. Also, the information or data are error free. So, less chances of mistakes are there. The quick decision leads to faster working which in a way leads to customer satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied the profits can be made by the organization (Samuel, 2013). Research aim and question The aim of this project report is to investigate the impact of innovative accounting on financial management and business organization. Research question The following questions are being developed to reach the aim. Analysis of the impact of innovative accounting in financial management? Examining how it impacts the decision making process? Investigating how the innovative accounting benefits the information system? How innovative accounting will help in the organizations growth? Examining how innovative accounting will earn better profits for an organization? Literature Review Innovation accounting and financial management The introduction of the new technologies adds value to the work. Similarly the introduction of accounting technology has affected the structure of the organization. The researcher says that the technological changes in the accounting will bring short term instability, but long term growth of the organization. The innovation in the technology creates the opportunity to earn profits through the innovation. Also the researchers say that it increases the margin of the profits in the long term. Some researchers say that the impact of innovation in accounting system is neutral. There is no positive or negative effect of the innovation (Mattison Nasi, 2004). Innovation in accounting system helps in executing the information in a proper manner. The researchers say that the information will be executed with speed and accuracy that will enhance the efficient organization of the resources. It will help in the formulation of strategies related to financial matters quickly and faster decision making. Also, the relevant information is accessed with the help of the innovative accounting system as saying by the researcher. The technological advancement, an efficient accounting system which in turn results in competitiveness. The researcher says that due to accounting innovation the productivity and growth of the company is enhanced (Gichaaga, 2013). The innovation also helps in controlling the information. The accounting system collects the data and convert it into proper information. The relevant data help in making the decision related to finances faster. Therefore, a valuable data can be accessed with the help of an innovative accounting system which help in right decision making. Faster decision making leads to the growth of the organization (Times, 2017). According to the researcher the cloud based accounting system helps in tracking the financial transactions, tracking of internal and external data reporting system and all the financial statements related to the organization. Therefore, this cloud based system helps the financial manager to make any financial decision related to the organization with the help of current financial status (Shoommuangpak, 2011). Decision making and growth of the organization Decision making is enhanced by relevant information obtained. The data are collected and is converted into information. The management of the data is done with the help of accounting management. The new innovations and technology make it easier to collect the data at one source according to the researcher. They say that the access to the information at one source helps in faster decision making. According to the researcher the accounting system is depending on the three important points that are business language which is basically the source of data related to finances, decision making important data and integrated entity. Therefore, for faster decision making, all the elements should be taken forward. This helps in analyzing the clear view on financial status by the manager according to the researcher (Liguori Steccolini, 2014). With the help of this the obstacles in the financial management can be removed and this will help in the growth of the organization. According to researcher this cloud based system of accounting is based on the reporting system in real time. The data on the system can be uploaded at cloud. And the accounting system connected to it also gets updated. Also, it resolves the issue related to multi currency in various organizations. The researcher says that it makes easy mobility of the capital at international levels. It helps in the smooth cash flow. During the manual work the problems like linkages and coordination arises which seems like hurdles in the cash flow. The innovative accounting solves the problem of the linkages by itself, connecting to the data that is internal or external. This will enhance the efficiency of the organization. This helps in making the quick financial decisions (Kalkan Arman, 2014). Innovative accounting and profits to an organization Innovation in accounting systems helps in the better understanding of the financial systems. The financial manager can get data related to the internal and external finances, financial transactions, and other finances related transactions. So, it will help in making the financial related decision faster according to researchers. As per a researcher saying the obstacles in finances minimizes the growth of the organization. This will in turn speed up the production process. Customer satisfaction is related to quality product delivery and services in time which is related to the accounts system indirectly. Therefore, satisfied customers and good feedback in the market are interrelated. The organization growth is provided by this feedback leading to the profits to the organization (Lakew Rao, 2012). Therefore, from the above studies the following hypothesis are generated. These are as follows: H0: Analysis of accounting innovation has a positive effect on business organization. H1: Accounting innovation is a long term gaining process for an organization. Methodology Data collection The main aim of the report is to examine the impacts of innovative accounting, how innovative accounting helps any business organization in financial management. The study is done with the help of written documents available publicly. Also, the reports that are published annually and documents are studies to become more prcised. The reports related to various banks and companies are taken into account during the study. The main respondents in the study are accountants in Thai-listed firm. The 50 accountants and financial managers are taken from the database of Thailand stock exchange. The responses of these accountants and managers are taken with the help of a questionnaire. The response is collected with the help of a secured mail. The study concerns over to detect a problem with non response error. Data analysis Data is analyzed with the help of annual reports in financial management with or without innovative accounting. Researchers say that this kind of method helps in determining the facts related to the research which has to be reliable and it is important to analyze it. This data is analyzed with the survey conducted and therefore the impact of innovative accounting is analyzed. Logical research has been made so that facts could be taken up. Then the raw data is aligned to give it a form of information Innovative accounting Innovative accounting consists of new ideas in incorporating computer assisted accounting in the financial systems. It comprises of new methods by which the information related to financial matters is processed in a particular format. It is the efficient way of doing the accounting work with the help of creating the cloud of data and updating it time to time. Obstacles like multi currency issue can also be solved with this accounting system. Linkages between different data help in managing financial transaction with accuracy. It also provides security to the financial system which is always given to a reliable source and also able to provide error free accounting practices with accuracy and reliability for the financial system (Korir, 2010). Financial management, growth and profits The analysis is done over 50 companies which helped us in providing the data related to the financial management in an organization. It comes up with that if the innovative accounting system is applied in a company, the decision making is done faster. The financial decisions related to the analysis is done very quickly as compared with the organization who have not implemented the new accounting techniques. Also, due to the error free work done by the same organization at one time the efficiency is also increased. Therefore, to identify the growth and profits earned by the organization the analysis over 50 Thai companies have been made which uses innovative accounting and those who do not use the accounting cloud system. The performance of these companies is analyzed and the companies with technology in accounting were seen at higher profits and improved growth, whereas the companies without the technology were of mixed results. Some were growing and some were at the same level. Therefore, the figures obtained by the analysis helped in computing the growth rates (Janotta, 2015). Findings and analysis The study id done to examine the impact of innovative accounting on the financial performance of the business organization. The data were collected with the help of the questionnaires. The findings of the study are presented based on the objectives of the study. Response rate There were 50 questionnaires distributed, 30 were filled properly and was sent back through the mail. The response rate was about 60%. According to the researcher the response rate of more than 50% is adequate. Some researchers say that response rate of 50% is acceptable, whereas the 60% is good. Therefore, based on these results by the known academicians, the response was considered adequate. The conclusions and the study can be drawn from the report. Response Frequency Percent Returned 30 60% Unreturned 20 40% Total 50 100% Response Rate Results and findings Decision making of the organization due to innovative accounting Innovative accounting consists of accounting with computer assisted programs. These programs are made for making accounting faster. Basically, all the data related to finances are saved in the cloud. The linkage between the data in the cloud and the computer assisted program is done. This helps in proper management of data whenever required. When the data is required, then it can be taken directly without any search. Also, the data in the cloud is updated whenever it is necessary. Therefore, the financial manager can get a record of all the finance related activities very fast and he will know about any internal and external financial transaction. This will help the manager to make any decision related to the finance very fast due to easy availability of the data and accuracy of the data. It helps in the smoothening of the finance related work because of error less work. So, the decision making power is enhanced by innovative accounting, which is also provided with the help of survey . 85% of the persons replied from the questionnaire that the decision making has become easier with the help of innovative accounting. 10% of the persons did not reply and the rest were neutral. Statement Agree Disagree Neutral Decision making becomes easier 85% 10% 5% Research Findings Growth of organization due to innovative accounting Due to innovative accounting the evaluation of the cost of capital, mobility of the capital, incentives in the business, tax system, the flow of cash, net income and many others become easy. Also multi currency transfers also become easy with the help of innovative accounting. This helps in making quick decisions related to finances. The demand and supply is maintained and all the production work depends on finances (Wachira, 2013). The survey has reported that 65% accountants find that the growth occurs due to the innovative accounting. But, 25% said that the no growth is observed. 10% were neutral in the same case. If the financial matters are dealt with fast results and accuracy the growth of the organization is the result. The cloud based financial system helps in reports making, tax generation, budget related activities and auditing faster. This leads to the growth of the organization as proved in the survey (Liabotis, 2007). The survey has reported that: Statement Agree Disagree Neutral Growth of the organization 65% 25% 10% Research findings Profit to the organization due to innovative accounting Growth of the organization leads to the increase in the production levels as well as the expenditure of the business. This leads to the profits to the company. The expenditure of the business improves the brand name of the organization. 55% have reported the profits made by the organization, whereas 40% have said that no profits were made (Kalkan Arman, 2014). Error free work due to innovative accounting The computer assisted work linked with the cloud data related to finances. The data in the cloud is updated automatically. Therefore, the updates help in updating the new information automatically. Therefore, the possibility of error becomes very less resulting in speedy work. 88% have said that error free work has been done 2% disagree, whereas 10% were neutral. Statement Agree Disagree Neutral Profit to the organization 55% 40% 5% Error free work 88% 2% 10% Research findings Discussions In this section comparison of the literature review and the findings is done. The main purpose of the report was to investigate the impacts of innovative accounting, enhancement in decision making power, growth and profits made by an organization due to innovative accounting in the financial system. The survey has been made on the 50 accountants and financial managers of Thai listed firm. Questionnaire related to decision making, growth and profits in the organization are compared (Samuel, 2013). H0: Analysis of accounting innovation has a positive effect on business organization. The findings show that the innovative accounting has effects like decision making faster, growth, profits to the organization. In the literature review some researcher said that accounting innovation does not affect the organization, whereas some said that it has a negative effect on the business organization. The findings proved that the effects of the innovative accounting were good in every aspect. According to the study on Thai listed firm the decision making was faster, according to 85% of the accountants. Whereas, the growth was positive said by 65%. Also, profits survey said it was with 55% organizations. Therefore, the data are adequate to prove the findings that the accounting innovation in financial management has the positive effect on the business organization (Yadav, 2013). H1: Accounting innovation is a long term gaining process for an organization. The findings confirm that accounting innovation has long term gaining. As, immediate results are seen in some aspects, but the total results will be achieved over time. In the literature review, it is mentioned that in some ways the accounting innovation has immediate effects, but many researchers pointed towards the long term results. This also concluded the positive result of the innovative accounting that is discussed above. This finding is consistent with the growth of the company. It takes time for any organization to grow (Giampietro, Aspinall, Bukkens, Benalcazar, 2013). It is not a fast or immediate process. Also the profits seen by the organization is a long term process. Therefore, these findings help in concluding that innovative accounting is a long term gaining process. Accounting is a long term process as it took time to incorporate the accounting innovation into the business organization. When the accounting system is incorporated, time is taken by the organization to maintain data on the cloud. Therefore, from the findings the data and information are accessed quickly, but the gain to the organization will be seen over time. According to the findings the database will be maintained and will help the organization in future endeavors. Therefore, it is a long term gaining process (Abdel, 2011). Conclusion Based on the findings and the main objectives the following conclusions are made. The innovative accounting and strategic tool work on reviewing the organizational processes for the small term and achievement in the long term of the strategic plan. The accounting system is a tool that is used for improving the financial management and controlling of the financial operation. If innovative accounting is successfully implemented in the financial management system, it will help in carrying out the planning, controlling, evaluation, strategy of the company, and business processes (ACCA, 2016). Innovation in the accounting technology is a key driver for any business organization in financial management. This kind of the findings is familiar as it has been supported by many researchers and hence the innovation accounting is highlighted as a driving force for any business organization in case of financial management. Innovative accounting is proved as a faster way to a financial manager to make decisions related to the finances like tax assistance, audits, capital transactions, external and internal management of capital etc. If the financial system of any organization is quick, the work or the production or services provided to the customers will also be quick. This helps in customer satisfaction. Customers are the main part of any business organization. So, happy customer helps in making good reputation of the organization which leads to the growth of the organization (CGMA, 2013). Also, the profitability of an organization is increased due to the implementation of new accounting system. This has been also proved in the above findings. The growth of the organization leads to the profits as the profits are made by making financial stability and financial gains. Good accounting system helps in faster calculations for analyzing the financial gains. Also, strategies can be planned accordingly if there will be any losses. Strategic management and priorities are the outcome of the innovation in accounting system. Therefore, it can be concluded that the organization business is improved with the help of innovative accounting in financial management (Forsaith, Tilt, Xydias-Lobo, 2002). Though the process of achievement is a long term process. The growth and the profits will be observed over the time. But, it will make a positive influence on the customers with respect to demand of the customer. Also, including the innovative accounting will add value to the organization. Transparency in financial matters becomes effective with the help of this accounting system. This will also help the business organization to increase the profitability (Karanja Mwangi, 2013). References Abdel, M. (2011). Review of Management Accounting Research. Palgrave Macmillan. Retrieved from ACCA. (2016). Financial management and business success a guide for entrepreneurs. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Retrieved from CGMA. (2013). Managing Innovation: Harnessing the power of finance. Retrieved from Forsaith, D., Tilt, C., Xydias-Lobo, M. (2002). The future of management accounting: A south Australian perspective. Retrieved from Giampietro, M., Aspinall, R., Bukkens, S., Benalcazar, J. (2013). An Innovative Accounting Framework for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Retrieved from Gichaaga, P. (2013). Effects of management accounting practices on financial performance of manufacturing companies. Retrieved from Janotta, A. (2015, May). A behind-the-scenes glimpse into Target's Accounting Innovation Day. Retrieved from Kalkan, A., Arman, M. (2014, September). The Impacts of Intellectual Capital, Innovation and Organizational Strategy on Firm Performance. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 150, 700-707. Retrieved from Karanja, J., Mwangi, E. (2013). Adoption of Modern Management Accounting Techniques in Small and Medium (SMEs) in Developing Countries. Retrieved from Korir, E. (2010, May 23). Management Accounting Innovation in Organizations. Retrieved from Lakew, D., Rao, D. (2012). Effect of financial management practices and characteristics on profitability: a study on business enterprises. Retrieved from Liabotis, B. (2007, August). Three Strategies for Achieving and Sustaining Growth. Retrieved from Liguori, M., Steccolini, I. (2014). Accounting, innovation and public-sector change. Translating reforms into change? Elsevier. Retrieved from Mattison, O., Nasi, S. (2004). Accounting innovations in the public sector. Retrieved from PWC. (2010). Accounting for innovation. Retrieved from Samuel, N. (2013). Impact of accounting information systems on organizational effectiveness of automobile companies. Retrieved from Shoommuangpak, P. (2011). Accounting innovation: the effect on job success of accountant in Thai-listed firms. 11(1). Retrieved from Times, F. (2017). Definition of innovation accounting. Retrieved from Wachira, E. (2013). The effect of technological innovation on the financial performance of commercial banks. Yadav, B. (2013, November-December). Creative Accounting: A Literature Review. The SIJ Transactions on Industrial, Financial Business Management, 1(5), 1-13. Retrieved from

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Sports And Drugs (369 words) Essay Example For Students

Sports And Drugs (369 words) Essay Sports And DrugsThe Sports World Should be Drug Free This article was derived on thequestion: Why the sports world should be drug free? Barry McCaffreys answerto this question is based on a simple assumption that drug usage in sports has adirect impact on children which will ultimately lead to downfall of sports. Theessay takes on the belief that all or most kids look up to athletes. And ifthese athletes do drugs then kids will do drugs. It is directed to the athletesthemselves, coaches, and the parents of all children. McCaffrey states thatafter the death of athlete Len Bias, youth cocaine use suddenly dropped (page1). It seems that this is a safe assumption because after a death of a famousathlete, people as well as children learn the disastrous effect of drug use. Healso believes that when athletes use drugs and are rewarded for theirathleticism kids get the misimpression that drugs are not dangerous to theirwell being, dreams and aspirations (page 1). This essay is compelling and alsological. We as a culture know that children look up to all athletes. They arepictured on cereal boxes, sneaker ads, cartoons, etc. The author makes thenatural assumption that if these athletes use drugs that kids will get thepicture that it is alright for them to use them as well. His argument is veryconvincing especially for a parent. He gives evidence that professionalorganizations are know getting involved to take a stand against drug usage. We will write a custom essay on Sports And Drugs (369 words) specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now McCaffrey states, Eighteen Major League Baseball teams are showing anti-drugpublic service announcements in their stadiums at home games. Major leaguesoccer is sending strong anti-drug messages to its young fans. On October 23rd ,as part of the Office of Drug Policys athletic initiative, the first everNational Coachathon Against Drugs will see coaches across thenation?from pee wee to the big leagues?starting practices with messagesagainst drugs (page 2). The only thing about McCaffreys argument is thathe didnt consider the other sides point of view. He must of thought theydid not have a relevant case to even consider their view. He did a good jobresearching and making a firm strong point. BibliographyMcCaffrey, Barry R. The Sports World Should Be Drug Free St. Petersburg Times. September 9, 1998. p. 12A

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Computers in Education essays

Computers in Education essays Each year, new technologies hold the promise to alter the way we think and learn. Computers are prevalent everywhere, and they are making their way into school systems around the country. It is obvious that there is a demand for technological instruction in high school and college. However, the question of if computers should be implemented into early childhood classrooms is still prudent. With computers all around us, it is inevitable that children will be exposed to them, and they will eventually be facilitated into their daily lives. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the advantages, disadvantages, and methods of integrating computers into the early childhood classroom. Early childhood experiences should maximize young childrens overall growth and development. Their eyes should be opened to the wonderment of learning and the pleasures of discovery. Computers can by an important tool to optimize young childrens potential, and help aid the learning process. Before deciding to introduce children to computers, it is important to address the potential benefits and dangers the machines have on youths. (Peek and Newby 164) Some people believe that computers should not have a place in early childhood classrooms. They speculate that computers will rob children of their childhood, replace other activities, reduce creativity, and lead to social isolation. It is feared that computers will force them to learn what they are not ready to learn. The machines are often viewed as one more thing to rush young children through their vital childhood years. Whether computers will rob children of their childhood totally depends on how they are used. If children are forced to use computers for lengthy periods of time with drill software, computers could very well rob them of their childhood. On the other hand, if computers are used in appropriate ways that meet childrens development level, they can benefit...

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Visual Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Visual Analysis Paper - Essay Example Images, which possess content of narration including those from the numerous scenes that form the basis of life of the virgin, have no correct mentioning as Madonna images, even though they get a title, which mirrors such scenes as the Annunciation to Mary (Crowe 101). The representations of Mary became more widespread following her proclamation as God-bearer during 431 at the Ephesus Council. For over a millennium, through the Medieval, Early Renaissance and the Byzantine periods, the Madonna has been the mainly frequently fashioned pictorial artwork. Numerous precise imageries of the Madonna, both sculptured and painted, have attracted fame, either as substances of religious admiration or for their inherent artistic qualities. The majority of the most prominent sculptors and pictures in the art history have shifted their abilities toward the establishment of the Madonna imageries. The painting of this artwork was by part of the mainly influential artists during the 13h and 14 centu ries, Duccio di Buoninsegna. The iconic picture of Madonna and Child, seen all through the western art history, holds considerable worth because of technical innovations bearing the religious matter, which would carry on evolving for centuries. The Madonna and Child artwork has received wide acknowledgements as Duccio’s working during the past century. ... Looking over the sudden simplicity of the imagery, a person could start understanding the transformations that Duccio applied in representing the figures of religion of painting all through the early period of the 14th century. Just like the other upcoming artists, Duccio looked up at great artists like Giotto who strove to go past the virtuously iconic byzantine standard and tried fashioning tangible linkages that would surpass the imagination of a viewer regarding the objects contained in the painting. For instance, the parapet positioned at the bottom-side of the image serves to function as a visual enticement of the observer looking past and into the occasion captured between the virgin and Christ the child. Similarly, the parapet further functions as an obstruction of the sacred and vernacular worlds (Crowe 163). Whereas during the 15th and 16th centuries marked a period in which the Italian painters made an expansion into their collections in order to include the historical hap penings, mythological subject matters and autonomous portraits. As such, Christians retained powerful holds on their occupations. Most of the artwork stemming from this period remains to be sacred. Whilst the diversity of the religious subject matters included disciplines from the Old Testament along with pictures of saints who have their dates of cult coming after the systematization of the Bible, the Madonna stood to be a prevalent subject within the renaissance iconography. Additional elements representative of Duccio’s interests in humanism remain to be widespread and are visible from the tenderly swathed robe adorned by the Madonna along with the lap of Christ (Crowe 172). The